Student Training Outreach Prevention

Student Training Outreach Prevention (STOP) is a community outreach program designed to avert teens, young adults, and their families from engaging in the illegal use, abuse, and addiction to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or other dangerous substances. The program helps to discourage young people from engaging in any activity or behavior that could place their lives at risk, impede their overall development, and jeopardize their future.

Kingdom Developers Consulting Inc. acts as lead consultant for counseling services for the program, in collaboration with Inner Healing Ministries Church and the Alcohol Drug Addiction & Mental Health Services (ADAHMS) Board of Cuyahoga County. The STOP program services teens ages 12-18, as well as young adults ages 19-24, and their families. Youth or young adults with any qualifying risk are eligible for the program.

The project is intended to increase the protective factors for teens and young adults by strategically highlighting key developemental assets that help them become healthy, caring, and responsible individuals. This includes the support of other adult relationships and caring neighbors, modeling proper boundaries, constructive use of time in youth activities, and pursuing spiritual growth.

Program Highlights